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M TO-PROS Oversight of NYCHA Boiler Replacement
Project: Replace existing boilers and Renovate central plants at various Residential building complexes
M To-Pros is overseeing several residential building complexes, where the objective is to change out / replace all existing boilers, completely renovate the central plant, and perform this work with minimal interruption of services to the buildings’ operations. Additionally, each individual building’s hot water system is to be renovated and changed over to a gas service, alleviating dependency on the services supplied by the central plant.
As the Oversight Manager it is M To-Pros’ duty to oversee the hired Construction Managers on each site. We act as the NYCHA owner’s representative with regards to directions, oversight, oversight management safety and when needed we intervene between CM design & Contractors making sure all facts of the projects are being addressed. We facilitate the relationship between this contractor, the local development management and the NYCHA required trades. We assure the safety and comfort is maintained for all tenants, staff, contractors & occupants of the development.
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