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Westchester Medical Center TELEHEALTH PROJECT
In 2015, Westchester medical center embarked on an initiative to create a state of the art technology-driven eHealth Program to remotely monitor the vital signs of patients in the Hospital network. Specialized software and cameras were installed at all the ICUs in Mid-Hudson regional and Westchester medical Center in Valhalla.
  • M To-Pros lead the project that consisted of the Intensive Care Units renovation and installation of specialized equipment in conjunction with the construction of a 5,500 SF Operations Tele-Health Center with a program of 21 multimedia stations (featuring the latest patient monitoring technologies and software) 3 consultation rooms, a large training/conference room, reception area, employees lounge, restrooms and IT room.
  • The telehealth construction was executed simultaneously with the upgrade of the 16 ICU units (88 beds) in WMC Valhalla and the ICUs in Mid- Hudson (15 beds) with a very tight coordination between all teams.
  • All the ICU units were systematically renovated a unit at a time by relocating patients to another ICU unit and orchestrating a careful coordination with the medical staff.
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